Tuesday, April 30, 2013

....is a Few Favorites, April TwentyThirteen

The last day of April brings some of my favorite things. Not surprising, two of my favorites were birthday gifts I received at the end of March. I hope you enjoy my favorite things as much as I do, just a few things that make me smile....

I've have drooled over this silverware since I first used it at Denver's Snooze an A.M. Eatery three years ago. And again and again, they even opened one in Downtown San Diego, more reason to drool. The food i delicious too but I'm seriously in love with this silverware. AND I got a set for my birthday! 
Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

Personalized Spatula & Spoons
My other wonderful birthday gift was made by the lovely Michaela at Covered in Mod Podge. She used an acrylic paint and a food safe sealer, I've used them almost every night since they arrived in the mail. 

Michael Pollan
I may have gone a little overboard on this one, it started last week with Michael Pollan's Food Rules.  It's a quick read, full of things to keep in mind as you walk the aisles in the grocery store. When I walked thru Costco on my day off and I found In Defense of Food & his latest book Cooked. I've got a trip coming up and the flight will be the perfect time to get into these.

Stemless 'stache Winglasses
I also used my day off to make Beef Bourguingnon, and there happened to be a little wine left over. It was a shame but I couldn't let it go to waste. I used my stemless 'stache wineglasses. I added the moustache stickers to my stemless wine glasses for my own amusement.
(They have to be washed by hand but they've held up well.)

Happy Favorites!

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