Monday, April 15, 2013 a Made for My Niece

My adorable niece is almost 2! This picture is a a little outdated but it's one of my favorites. Her birthday is coming up this summer and I've had the chance to work on some fun projects these past few years (her mom is the lovely Michaela at Covered in Mod Podge, and my bestest friend from high school). I started with her birth announcement, a little nursery decor, her dedication, family christmas card and her first birthday invitation.

I thought I would share a few of the things I've put together for Miss Emma Madison in her first year!
-Birth Announcement -
I used a rastor image to create a vector based file that allowed us to infinitely scale the card, I told Michaela we could make it as big as a wall, she politely declined my offer.

- Personalized Alphabet Letters -
I remember the alphabet cards from my childhood, I can still picture them hanging on the wall in my bedroom. We scoured the internet looking for the perfect set. I purchased the vector images so I could manipulate the colors and personalize the a few of the images (you'll see those below).

- Color Test -
As I was fixing up the animals we did a color test because Michaela was going to print these out herself and every printer is different. The colors I liked more on my backlit screen came out a murky mess when she printed them.

- Personalized Animals -
You might notice a few of the animals don't quite match, the Hh is the Hippo from Fantasia, the Ll is the llama from The Emperors New Groove & the Nn is the Naked Mole Rat from Kim Possible.

- Framed Decor -
Michaela picked the phrases for three of these, the Italian one was all me, and I put some graphics and font to each one. These were part of nursery decor, Michaela framed them and put them throughout the room. The colors match the Alphabet Animals.

- Emma's Dedication Announcement -
Brad & Michaela had a dedication for the Little Miss and put together a party afterward. She was also able to use this format as labels for the snacks. Again, I used images for inspiration but we came up with our own flag patterns. This was also a vector image and Michaela was still opposed to making it a wall size graphic!

- Door Decor -
Michaela wanted to make something with Little Miss' name on it and hang it on the nursery door. She wanted to use paper fixed between the pieces of a wooden embroidery hoop. I used the dedication announcement design with her name and birthday.

- Christmas Card -
This is one of my favorites, not just because I'm happy with how the graphic turned out but because of the behind the scenes production it took to get the pictures. My brother and I went to visit Michaela for Thanksgiving and did a mini photo shoot specifically for their Christmas card. Brad & my little brother were in charge of the background, Michaela was on smile (and drool) duty, & I had the camera. Emma's job was to play with the lights and look adorable, I think she succeeded but I'm obviously biased.

last but not least....

- Happy First Birthday Emma! -
As a reminder to how much she's grown up in the first year Michaela wanted to use the picture I had in Emma's Birth Announcement with a more recent image. I think we both really liked these colors....

Happy Crafting!

A quick disclaimer: the inspiration and images for most of these projects were pulled from all over the internet, I'm not sure I could dig up every site to give the proper credit but I can't claim all of this as my own intelectual property. No profit was made from the creation of these, they were for personal use only.

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