Tuesday, March 17, 2015

....is a Green Flash Double Stout Chocolate Cake with Mascarpone Frosting

This cake is what happens when you're heading home Monday night and decide you MUST make a cake for St. Patrick's Day. It turns out so good that you know you have to immediately share it on your extremely neglected blog (because your recent focus is on photography and yoga teacher training). And, you decide on this fantastic blog post idea needs to happen immediately you take a picture of your cake, at work, with your phone, on a paper plate (which is admittedly better than the brown paper towel you thought you might have to use as a background). All of that said, this cake is wonderful you should go home and make it tonight.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Adapted from Nigella's Chocolate Guinness Cake

for the cake
1 cup Green Flash Brewery Double Stout
1 cup unsalted butter  
¾ cup unsweetened cocoa  
2 cups sugar  
⅔ cup Greek yogurt
2 large eggs  
1 Tbsp bourbon vanilla
2 cups    flour  
2 ½ tsp baking soda  

for the topping
8 oz    mascarpone
¼-½  cups confectioners' sugar
½ cup heavy cream (or whipping cream)

Preheat the oven 350ºF, and butter and flour a 9x13 pan.

Pour the Stout into a large wide saucepan, add the butter - in spoons or slices - and heat on medium low until the butter's melted, at which time you should whisk in the cocoa and sugar. set aside to cool slightly. Beat the Greek yogurt with the eggs and vanilla and slowly add to this the brown, buttery, beery mixture and finally incorporate the flour and baking soda.

Pour the cake batter into the greased and floured pan and bake for 35 minutes or until a toothpick can be removed with only light crumbs attached. Leave to cool completely in the pan on a cooling rack.

When the cake's cold, begin with the icing. Lightly whip the cream cheese until smooth, add confectioners' sugar and mix until smooth. Add the cream and beat again until it makes a spreadable consistency. Turn the mixer on high for a short time at the end to make the topping fluffy.

Happy Baking!

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