Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Mr. M's Fried Rice

2 Sausages, Sliced
1/3 C Carrots*, Shredded
1/3 C Peas
4 Cups Cooked Rice
3 Eggs
1 Bunch of Green Onions, Diced
1 tsp White Pepper
1 tsp Onion Powder
4Tbsp Soy Sauce

* I'm not a Carrot fan, so I substituted these for Sweet Potato
use 2 tsp Sesame Oil if you don't use sausage

Brown the Sausages until cooked.

Add Carrots/Sweet Potatoes and Peas.

Mix in Cooked Rice.

Make a crater for the eggs and let them cook a bit before mixing them throughout. 

Add in remaining ingredients, serve with Siracha and enjoy!


  1. I love one dish meals! (Is that what you call a meal where everything is mixed together? hmmm..) This looks yummy! Im super excited to try the verde enchiladas Friday!

    1. One pot meal? One pan? One something... :)

      Let me know how the enchiladas go! I've got another good chicken recipe waiting to go up, we made Chicken with Cheddar Biscuits for Date Night last night. So yummy!



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