Friday, August 30, 2013 a Save-the-Date for Jon & Janae

Jon & Janae are getting married!!!
*insert squeal of excitement here*

I've known them both since freshman year at UC Davis.
Janae & I bonded instantly over our mutual love of making things sparkle with glitter (which now includes what I'm going to share below). We also grew up about twenty miles from eachother in San Diego and (eventually) both moved back to America's Finest City. She's a wonderful friend and I couldn't be more excited about celebrating their big day soon! 

In college Jon and a few rowdy boys lived two blocks away from me and my roommates. Their house (self-titled 'the love jungle') was always full of excitement & entertainment. Jon is a sweetheart and it only takes a moment to see that he's enamored with my lovely friend. And they are both apart of so many wonderful memories over the last decade (eek!).

(Engagement Photos by BevM, 2013)

They have an amazing (and somewhat lengthy) love story that literally has them crossing oceans. 

(Taken weeks after they started dating, the first time, 2004)

Since their engagement, I've had a lot of fun watching Nae's Pinterest Boards fill with wedding ideas. Which is how this project began. I saw something I liked and sent her a text something like this....

"If you like this, I can make it. It's cute, especially since you met in 2003, married in 2013. You could add big travel adventure dates in there too.... thoughts?"

I'm not sure if she had this planned all along but she came back with a slightly more intricate example, which became the basis for this design. She asked if I could make it as their save the date. My skills were a bit rusty, I don't get to do this in my day job like I did in school, but I agreed. It's taken a few iterations, including spelling Jon's name wrong, but we finally perfected it (well I think it's perfect) enough to send out to their family and friends. I'm so excited with the card and that I was able to create a way to share their unique story with the people they love.*

It will be easier to read it if you click to enlarge the image.
The glitter I mentioned earlier was used to add a little shine to the bling  here at the bottom of the card.

*I've changed the names, dates & website to save them from random guests attending their wedding because I shared their Save the Date on my blog, but the rest of the story is 100% true.

I also made a template so Janae could print addresses directly on some brown kraft paper envelopes.

Nae's sweet puppy Bear deserves a lot of credit for waiting patiently while we put this together. 

What's next? Well, the Save the Date went so well I've been recruited to make the invitations! I'm working on getting the envelope folding just right but once I have it (and after she sends out the real invitations) I'll share what we've created for them too.

If you're in need of any graphic design work, print or web, please contact me in comments or thru any of the social media links I have on the right. I'd love to help!!

Happy Designing!

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