Friday, August 23, 2013 LAdventure: the MOCA, Morphosis & Ghery

Last Friday was my last Furlough Day! 
To celebrate our Final Furlough Friday I went on an art & architecture adventure to Los Angeles with CPB (& my brand new DSLR*!). It was a wonderful day packed with clay, architectural models, drawings, sketches, Morphosis & CalTrans, Disney & Ghery and the ever present LA traffic.

*Side Note: Did you know my blog photo's were all taken with an iPhone? They are, I have a little handheld camera but I think they come out ok on my phone and from my phone they can be easily posted anywhere I want them. The pictures definitely come out better when I take them in daylight, the images taken under the terrible yellow light of my kitchen don't look nearly as nice. This usually requires me running between my kitchen and dining room table (because it's by the window), it's an amusing production. My phone gets shoved in my pocket, covered in flour and sometimes passed off to CPB with specific directions on how to take the perfect picture (I'm a high maintenance photographer, he does a lovely job).  Also, the apps on my phone make it incredibly easy to write on the pictures. I'll continue to take most of my pictures that way for the convenience, but here's my debut with a high tech toy....

One: Clay works at the Geffen, MOCA.

The majority of the exhibit was unfired clay, no specific subject, anything and everything. 

In the middle of one space was a large wax sculpture. I'm not sure when the show opened but the oversized candle must have burned for a long time to go from the picture below to the pictures above.

Some artists took to using the clay on the wall's blank canvas.

The Nightmare Before JAWS.

Life's a beach.

It was a multimedia production, projected images flew overhead, recordings played of architects answering key questions like 'why LA?' and 'what is architecture of the 21st century's biggest challenge', and there were models and drawings, both conceptual and detailed. Lots of sketches, on napkins, inflight menu's and in books. The title image of this post is one architect sketch books filling the entire case!


Conceptual Housing Models


In school, my Housing Studio came out to LA to look at examples of multifamily and mixed use architecture. These models are two of the sites we visited, the left was built and occupied and the right was under construction when we walked through.

Save your doodles on the backs of napkins and airline menus! You'll never know what they'll become.

Drawings or Art?
(The Geffen portion of the MOCA is located in an old warehouse, I love the exposed wood ceiling, it brings a warmth to a typically stark white gallery space.)

This area of design is such a small part of Southern California Contemporary Architecture.


Three: CalTrans Headquarters, Morphosis

Cantilever Detail


CPB & me!

Four: Disney Concert Hall, Gehry Partners


Which way is up?

Counter Details

At some point the entire concert hall was supposed to be this reflective but the surrounding business thought it was a little too bright (and hot!), they left the sine on a small portion back by the gardens.

We take our reflection pictures seriously.

A Rose for a Lilly.

Happy Travels!

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