Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Cold Brewed Coffee

This is a wonderful way to brew a strong cup of coffee with regular coffee, no ground espresso required. The amount of coffee to water can be adjusted, I've tried it with different amounts of coffee and settled on a ratio after a little trial and error. It's a delicious way to make an Iced Latte or with a little Ice Cream, a Coffee Float.

10 Tbsp Strong Coffee
4 Cups of Water
2 2-Cup Mason Jars

serves 4

Scoop 5 Tbsp of Coffee into each Mason Jar, fill to the top with Water & stir. Screw on each lid tightly and turn upside down a few times. Let this sit for 4 hours, overnight or for many days at room temperature. When you're ready to serve pour into a french press to strain grounds. Pour into a pint glass, add sugar and milk to taste, cool with ice cubes.

Top with Ice Cream to make a Cold Brewed Coffee Float

Soak Ladyfingers in the strained Coffee for a Tiramisu.

Happy Sipping!

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