Friday, March 15, 2013 Lights Part 2, Pieces

Here's the pieces used to create the pendent light above my dinner table. Initially the cords were hung on three hooks similar to the one at the bottom of the page. I liked the lights themselves but the hardware made them look unfinished. So with my favorite architect, CPB, we came up with a plan that looks more intentional. We left one hook to get the HuckDuck light to hang in the center and then used the grooves on the octagon extension ring to help spread the other two cords out slightly. The extension ring, electrical cover, split ring hangers & cages are all spray painted the same textured bronze. 

This project had a few obstacles to overcome. I'm renting, and didn't want to risk hardwiring anything in a place I don't own. The crown molding and wire management served as challenges but the split ring hangars helped guide the wires around the molding and keep them contained. 

While some single lights can cost hundreds of dollars we tried to create something both unique and cost effective. More to follow, I don't think we're quite done yet...

The Cords:
I got my huckduck cord from (their sales cycle out so the link might not work)
You can find similar cords here and also here! Make sure you get the cord length you want, additional length will cost extra per foot.

The less fancy (and a bit less expensive) cord came from World Market and we gave it a vintage look with a little matte black spray paint. Make sure to tape it up good and plug the socket with a paper towel to make sure the paint doesn't affect it.

The Lights:
For the HuckDuck cord I used this bulb.
Antique Light Bulb - Marconi Filament

The World Market cords both have this bulb.
Antique Light Bulb - Clear - A19

Another way we classed up these cords was with a little extra detail.

The Hardware:
Raco 1-Gang Octagon Electrical Cover

Crown Bolt 3 lb. x 5/8 in. Brass-Plated Cup Hooks 

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