Sunday, March 17, 2013 a Few Favorites, March TwentyThirteen

I took a little trip to Kansas at the beginning of the month, my brother is a freshman and we picked his birthday weekend to go out and visit. The trip also included a Jayhawks Basketball game at the Phog (Rock Chalk!), snow, and a couple walks down Massachusetts Street. 

I could spend hours in here searching the shelves and petting the adorable cat in the arm chair.

 I love both the flowers and the Java Break Coffee shop they're from. There's something so pretty about flowers in the winter.

I don't own a pair of these yet, but they're on my list. I find them absolutely charming.

Here's the biggest souvenir I've ever brought back on a plane from anywhere. It was found in an unlikely clothing boutique. I had to take out all the drawers and put them in a box and wrap the shelf part in brown paper in order to stay under the weight limits. It took a lot of soapy water and paper towels to clean it up. I'll have another post on the mini base we built for it. :)

Right before my trip I dropped and cracked my phone, I like my lightweight case but it didn't do enough to protect it. I did a little research and this case has more protection without the bulk, it's reviews were equal to the otter box commuter.

It's not that I neeeeeed these, I have ramekins, they match my dishes, they're lovely. These are just so darling and Easterly.

The latest city mugs, I bought the California one as a gift for my brother, it's bright and happy and will help keep him warm thru the Kansas winter. I guess they can only be found in stores (or airports) because I couldn't find a link for them.

Time to go ganache a stout cake  and figure out exactly how I want to cook my brisket.
Happy St. Patricks Day!!! 

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