Wednesday, August 1, 2012 a Creative Exchange!

Crafti-ish Me.
My crafty side is limited so for this creative exchange I stuck to my strength - sweet treats.
Bake Me.
One thing I learned about my Creative Exchange Buddy: She loves Brownies! And who doesn't?
So I used this Recipe & 2-Cup Ball Mason Jars to divide the recipe into the three main brownie components: 
Sugar, Flour & Chocolate!

Paint Chip Me.
I used some colorful paint chips as tags for each of the jars and to write out the special instructions. Since this was being shipped I left out a few key perishable or liquid ingredients:
Butter, Eggs & Vanilla

Another tidbit I learned is that my new buddy is a new mom! So I put together a little alphabet card set with a few customized letters with her new little one's initials.

Print Me?
My printer did not agree with this plan.

Read Me.
I used one set to make a card, with some instructions & to hold the recipe cards.

Please oh please, don't melt me yet!
One final plee to the gods of chocolate and the Texas Summer heat as I get ready to pack & ship.

Pack Me.
A little bubble wrap, just a little.

Wrap Me.
The finishing touches...

Ship Me.
Open this side up!

The Lovely Hosts.
Creative Exchange 


  1. Love it! I'm seeing all sorts of different ideas that I hadn't even considered.

  2. Those little jars are adorable! I had to resist not buying some at Target today.

    1. Did you see the 1Cup jars?! They looked like little squish 2Cups. They just make you go 'awwwww'!



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