Sunday, July 22, 2012 a Squash?

Maybe it's all the cooking shows we've been watching lately but when a friend at work gave me an unknown squash I was pretty confident I could make it delicious. I did a little google search for 'Green Squash' and once I got past the links for Zucchini I found out this was a Kabocha, which seemed to be more or less like a green Pumpkin.

Let's just say, I am not a MasterChef, I would have been Chopped for this one & Chef Ramsey would have kicked me straight out Hell's Kitchen for this one.

It seemed so simple. Cut. Take out Seeds. Slice. Drizzle with Butter and Cinnamon & Sugar. But I think I needed to peal it, maybe mash it, maybe cook it longer or (and this is most likely) look up an actual recipe. So I tried and failed and learned something for next time.


  1. Yes, you may have "failed" this time, learned the way NOT to do it, which is just as valuable a lesson as learning HOW to do it! ;)



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