Friday, July 22, 2011 in Washington

A few places I've been since I've moved:

 The Boat Shed: In East Bremerton, Irish Death Ale on the Left Mack and Jack's on the Right.

The Boat Shed: Spinach Steak Salad, Calamari and House Wings.

FX McRory's: Edamame

FX McRory's: Garlic Fries and Buffalo Sandwiches

FX McRory's: Oysters

Paseo's: Sandwich #2
(the mark of a good place, when their sandwiches are only numbered not named)

The Pink Door: Shrimp Vodka Sauce
(not the best picture but this place was amazing, next time i'm sticking around for the burlesque show)

 Ballard Seafood Fest: Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Ballard Seafood Fest: Smoked Salmon

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