Friday, November 22, 2013 Tutu's for Bachelorette Bowling

I'm super excited to share a tutu tutorial (too many tu's?) no sewing required!! Last weekend I was in Big Bear for a friend's bachelorette weekend (Save the Date & Invitation post to follow). The MOH came up with the amazing idea to go tutu bowling while we were there and I volunteered to make the tutu's. Little did we know, bowling would be black lit, not only were we the only ones in tutus (though I can't imagine why....) but we were all in glowing tutus! The Bride, of course, glowing most of all.

Two things to note about tutu's, they are super easy to make, and they're SO MUCH FUN to twirl in.

How to Make a Tutu
1. Buy the Tulle & Ribbon: I got mine from Joann's Fabrics, they sell 6 inch tool in 25 yard spools, this saves on cutting but may limit the available color options. I chose white & shimmer gold (one spool of each) for the girls and shimmer white (3 spools) for the bride. I also got white & gold ribbon from Joann's in 18ft spools (Cut the ribbon to 6 ft lengths, this allows enough extra for a pretty bow in the back).

2. Cut to Length: Or bribe friends to cut tulle for you. CPB & MMcK cut 325 yards of tulle and it cost me a beer & a pear. The tulle is cut tu double the desired length of the tutu. For the girls, 9" tutu's (tulle cut to 18", roughly 100 pieces) and the bride, 12" tutu (tulle cut to 24", roughly 110 pieces). The quickest way to cut tule is to wrap it around something of the cutting length (in my case 18" or 24") and cut both ends.

3. Mark the Waist: Decide where on your hips you'd like the tutu to sit to figure out the width and mark with two pieces of tulle tied in a slip knot around the ribbon (how to pictures below). This helped me figure out how to space the tulle as I went. I had to smush them together a few times to make all of the pieces fit.

4. Tie to a Chair: Or something sturdy and roughly the diameter of the desired tutu.

5. Tie the Tulle: Making a lot of slip knots. Lots & lots of slip knots.

6. Repeat! (So your friends can twirl with you.)

8. Package: gallon sized bags work well and can help shrink them so they store them flat.

Things to do in your tutu:

Practice your tutu twirl.

Prepare for a hike in your tutu.

Bowl in your tutu.

Glow in your tutu!

Keep glowing...

Happy Twirling!

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