Thursday, October 31, 2013 Eye(cake)Balls!

Happy Halloween!
Today one of my lovely architecture friends, Lindsday-Loo, is guest posting on how to make Eye(cake)Balls.
Linds has appeared in a few posts already, the 'What's in the Fridge? Cabin Edition' & Orecchiette & Broccolini. When our group of architecture girls gets together (about once a year) it always involves delicious food, and lots of it! Other fun facts, her husband is an ophthalmologist making this haloween treat completely appropriate (and amuses me). I think you'll also catch a sneak peek of her furry sous chef, Maki, in one of these pictures, one of the sweetest, cutest puppy's ever.
Recipe adapted from the Epicurious, Basic Cake Balls

18.25-ounce box cake mix
9-by-13-inch cake pan
Large mixing bowl
One 16-ounce container ready-made frosting
Large metal spoon
Wax paper
2 baking sheets
Plastic wrap
32 ounces (2 pounds) candy coating
Deep, microwave-safe plastic bowl
Resealable plastic bag or squeeze bottle (optional)

Baking the cake (red velvet, follow direction on the box). Crumble the cooled cake into a large mixing bowl. Add three-quarters of the container of frosting, combine thuroughly. Assemble vitreous centers

And dipped in melted white candy to make the sclera.
My ophthalmologist hubby is providing dissection services... For quality control. 

Melted green candy for irises.
And melted chocolate for pupils - toothpicks or kebab skewers work fine for this if you don't have any pastry or candy making tools, which I don't...

Red edible marker squiggles for veins.

Store in fridge until 30 mins prior to serving
Not everything I make is Pretty. Sometimes, it's downright gross.

Happy Spooking!

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  1. Oh eeeeuw, I wish I'd seen this post before I baked for my daughter's Halloween party, I'll have to pin this for next year! Hopping over from the Anything Goes Linky!



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