Friday, May 3, 2013 a Historic Homes Tour

Two weeks ago I went on the SOHO Historic Home Tour of early 20th-Century Mission Hills . There were six homes on the map but a friend from work, MC, & I turned it into a walking tour of the whole neighborhood. It was a dreary day for San Diego Spring but I had a great time looking thru the houses & finding other gems, like the home (and matching mailbox in the bottom left) in the picture above.

Lawrence R. Green Residence, 1931
Requa & Jackson, Architect
2440 Pine Street
This house had the best landscaping by far, a gorgeous garden & backyard with a view.

Fountain in the Garden.
Two of many statues, classic compared to a few of the others.
'I think the plant it winning' -MC
This statues is the first thing to great you as you walk to the front door.
Telephone booth in the foyer.
Some interesting decor choices.
Succulent fountain in the backyard.
Herb Garden tower in the left, pergola & outdoor chandelier. 
Gator & the Sombrero
This is not a tree.

Burns Starke Residence, 1925
Morris B Irvine, Builder
4294 Arguello Street
Tile on the front steps.
Tile detail & a large vase.
'It's Sun-sational!'
Cabbage Roses on the back patio.

....a few walking tour discoveries....
Escar-got on this column.
This reminds me of our Litter Green Forest at the Harvard House in Davis.

Arthur Reynolds Residence, 1914
Arthur Reynolds, Builder
1969 Alameda Terrance
I only took one picture in this lovely house and it was of the hand blow lamp, original to the house.

....more walking tour discoveries....
A rock with an appetite. 
He who shall not be name is into graffiti.
Straight to the point.
Planted P-trap.

Gordon L. Eby House, 1930
Attributed to Richard Requa, Architect
2335 Juan Street
A gated property.
Hand painted door details.
Built in shelving nook, corner detail.
Rotary telephone nook.
Crown lighting.

Dr. Thomas S. Mooney Residence, 1949
John Lloyd Wright, Architect
1820 Neale Street
The exterior detail & corner window.
Without McDreamy.
Pots & Pans on Parade.
A modern fountain for a classic home.

Happy Touring!

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