Tuesday, February 5, 2013

....is a 'Winter' Weekend

Super Bowl Weekend, early February and well.... it's GORGEOUS here. I have a brother in Kansas and best friend in Texas who are both a little upset with me for throwing these pictures up on Facebook, but seriously, seriously. Blue skies, sunshine and 70 degree in February is about as good as it gets. Last year at this time I was living in the Pacific Northwest, and while there's beautiful scenery at every turn it is also grey, sooo grey this time of year. Here's a few pictures of my adventures with CPB this weekend.

Costa Mesa, California
That's a lot of beer on draft. Local & delicious.

BBQ, Bacon, Potato Chip Waffle Burger....and Waffle Fries!

Industrial furniture and indigenous plants.

And a little shopping around the OC Mart MIX

Super Bowl Funday Run....and accidental hike in Torrey Pines.
The only way down to the beach (we thought) was a craggily ravine. Turns out there were stairs not too far away. What good is a run with without a little adventure. 
There's a palm tree in there. Do you see it?

Running in sand is hard, I think I'm a bit of a sissy about it. 
Luckily I have a great coach.

Winter here is just terrible....

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