Friday, May 11, 2012 a Wine Closet, Part 3: Final Installation

Finished and Filled!

At the Beginning.

The start of the installation, a structural board with marked screw locations gets drilled into the wall. Then a layer of wood glue, a shelf and a second layer of glue before screwing in the second structural board. The pattern gets repeated up the wall and didn't take long to finish. I thought it would take a couple people working on it and allowing time for the glue to dry but Mr. M was able to install it himself in an afternoon. I'm sure it was all the prep work Mrs. M and I did that simplified the process.

All but the top Shelf installed.

A few bottles to test it out.

A few more....

Final shelf in and another function added.

Mr. & Mrs. M drilled cork-sized holes in the top shelf, because of the height of the closet the top shelf wasn't fully functional as a wine shelf. So now it holds corks. Genius!


  1. LOVE IT! Love the cork holes.. love the color! And Im jealous I dont have one :( haha! :)

    1. If you have a nook for it I could design it for any space. It wouldn't have to be so long, I'm thinking of using this idea with bigger boards for a bookcase. It's still in the works. I'm really happy how this turned out and so are MR. & Mrs. M!



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