Friday, September 28, 2012 for the Love of the Game

This past weekend one of my darling friends (a college roommate) married a lovely southern boy from Georgia. They share an intense love for baseball. She is a San Francisco Giants fan and he's an Atlanta Braves fan. With that in mind I wanted to make them a special something to celebrate their love of the game and their love for each other.

Here's the inspiration for this project:

I took a few liberties on 'we met', 'we married' & 'we live'. And used prints of each of their team's stadium and a little love in the middle.

So there's more to these stadium's than the handful of games they attended at each. At AT&T Park, Will took Sarah on a behind the scenes tour where they were able to play catch in the infield. After throwing one wide, to make her run for it, she turned around to him on one knee over home plate.

And the Braves Stadium was the location of their GORGEOUS engagement photos.

The steps to make this present were pretty easy, I cropped the pictures and used Adobe Illustrator to write the words on the images before printing at my printer's top quality on some high gloss photo paper. 

I cut them out with an X-acto knife and stuck them to the backside of a floating frame with some double-stick tape.

I cleaned a few finger prints off the glass and set it all in place.

Lastly, I dated the back with their wedding day, signed it to the Mr. & Mrs. and added a little love.

The final product all set and ready to go!

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