Tuesday, June 17, 2014

....is a Golden Birthday Party with Homemade Marshmallow S'mores!

Earlier in the year I was at happy hour with Janae where discussions turned to our upcoming birthdays. We met in school at UC Davis and quickly bonded over glitter, San Diego and our shared March birthdays. (She is also the reason I made Tutus for Bachelorette Bowling and this wonderful Save-the-Date, one of my favorite projects to date.)

In college our birthdays fell near the end of spring break and for four years we held joint celebrations at home withour families and back at school in the first week of Spring Quarter. For the few years I was away for our birthdays, thru grad school and for work we always managed to have a shared birthday celebration. One year we had 'March in May' and went out to celebrate two months later. Together we have shared many messy sundaes, pizzookies and sparkles.

This year was a special year for Janae, her Golden Birthday! (Golden Birthday: When the year and the birthday day match.) We again decided to combine celebrations and I adopted her Golden Birthday as my own. My Golden Birthday was spent huddled over a studio desk int he last few weeks of grad scool preparing for my final review. This celebration was bound to be much more fun, gold & glitter filled than my actual Golden Birthday.

Naturally, we started planning months in advance with a shared Pinterst Board:

Our men were even kind enough to humor us by wearing sparkly gold suspenders!
Here's some of what we created to shamelessly celebrate ourselves, glitter & all things golden.


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