Thursday, September 26, 2013 Spaghetti & Meatballs

CPB makes some wonderful Meatballs, we cooked them for his family in Memphis and didn't have any left! (The trick is in the Port Caramelized Onions, don't tell him I told you the trick.) Usually we don't have the patience to make the Spaghetti & Red Gravy  to go along with the Meatballs but we took the time this weekend to make the full dish. 

Red Gravy is what my family has always called Spaghetti Sauce (I should really find out why we do that), well believe it or not CPB's Italian grandmother taught call's it Red Gravy too! I knew I liked him. I put the basic sauce recipe I use below but there are plenty of ways to doctor it. Porchini Mushrooms come to mind, Vodka, Cream, lots of Parmesan.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Roasted Cauliflower Pasta

Last week I bought a copy of the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook. I flipped through a few pages and thought "How have I waited so long to get this book?!" It's full of delicious and healthy options for every meal of the day, including desserts! I can't wait to cook something else from here but I started with the Roasted Cauliflower Pasta because it sounded strange and wonderful. The brown bits on the Cauliflower was my favorite part, it gave the vegetable a nutty flavor I never knew was possible. I also threw in some chickpeas to add a little protein and make it a full meal.

Friday, September 20, 2013 Pumpkinhead Doodles

It's here! It's here! I love Autumn, even though my city doesn't quite get a full Fall season it's probably still my favorite time of year. I love the colors on the trees, pumpkin spiced everything  and the chance to wear boots without melting. Today feels like Fall but it's supposed to be 80 here again on Monday. So, quickly before Summer comes back, let's pretend like it's really Fall and bake some deliciousness!

The Spiked Recipe Challenge was the perfect opportunity to use the Beeroness' Beer Brown Sugar Cookies with a Fall Beer twist. I upped the Cinnamon, used the Shipyard Pumpkinhead & rolled it in sugar & sprinkles to make it the Snickerdoodle I've been craving recently. (If you look close the sprinkles are leaf shaped! I love Fall.)

The cookies get tastier the longer they last! Just like the Ginger & Molasses Doodles, I think the flavor of the Beer and Cinnamon gets a little richer the second and third day (if they last that long). MMcK & I made a double batch to share and they went quickly!Happy Autumn & I hope you enjoy the Pumpkinhead Doodle.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 Braised Sausage with Chiles

As promised yesterday! Another wonderful meal care of Donald Link, I'll try to spread out his recipes from here forward. This recipe is a spin on a traditional Sausage and Peppers. The whole grain Mustard & Rosemary add a freshness to this otherwise savory meal. It's a little unusual the Onions and Peppers aren't sautéed first to soften. The sausage is browned and a bottle of beer gets poured in before all the other ingredients  are tossed in and the magic of braising begins. Served over rice this recipe can be scaled to feed a few or many. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Zucchini Gratin with Andouille

Real Cajun is possibly the best cookbook and gift I've ever given. Zucchini Gratin with Andouille is yet another amazing dish from this book (by Donald Link). It's like Potatoes Gratin with a southern twist. 

CPB & I have made his Cajun PizzaSunday Fried Chicken and Braised Sausage & Peppers (Recipe to follow tomorrow). Each one is better than the last, it didn't hurt this recipe was completely focused on Zucchini (<3) and covered in cheese. This dish was originally intended as a side but I added a little Andouille Sausage to make a full meal. I hope you give this a try and enjoy! (Or the Fried Chicken.... no the pizza, start with the Cajun Pizza, I can't decide.)

Thursday, September 5, 2013 Insalata Caprese Sandwich

My favorite salad between bread, makes it even better!
This is simple Italian sandwich, three main ingredients with minimal seasoning: Bread, Mozzarella, Tomato. I made a new loaf of Dutch Oven French Bread with Garlic, Green Onion & Sun-Dried Tomatoes and served it with a little side salad of Green Olives & Cucumbers. Splurge, get the Mozzarella in the tubs filled with water, it's worth it.  It makes a great lunch or a light dinner. The sandwich is no-frills, refreshing & seriously delicious.
Slice & Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 'What's in the Fridge?', Vegetable Couscous

This week's edition of the 'what's in the fridge?' game, I used an assortment of vegetables and a box of couscous I had in the cupboard. It's only lightly seasoned but the chicken broth and tomatoes add to the flavor. The chickpeas are used for protein and the couscous helps bind the dish together to make a complete meal out of the odds and ends I had left in the fridge.

Click the link to see the last edition of 'What's in the Fridge?', Pizza 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 Red Beans & Rice

Red Beans & Rice  for my sweet southern boy.

Frenchman, Desire, Good Children & Other Streets of New Orleans
by John Churchill Chase
Quartée red beans, quartée rice,
Little piece of salt meat to make it taste nice,
Lend me the paper and tell me the time,
When papa passes by he'll pay you the dime.

CPB's mom sent him a few packages of Camellia's Famous New Orlean's Red Beans, this is actually our second time making the dish but the last attempt seemed to escape my camera. It's a delicious hearty Southern meal typically served for Monday lunch or dinner in most New Orleans homes & restaurants. The recipe below is a combination of 'Cooking Up a Storm, Recipes Lost and Found from the Times-Picayune of New Orleans' and 'Tom Fitzmorris's New Orleans Food'. 


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